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DJ Ahwoo


Interview with DJ Ahwoo

Denver's Top DJ Spins With A Computer

  1. Chazz: We have been good close friends now since '94. We were introduced by our good friend, and future computer guru, Scot. You and he were partners in developing Dot Coms at the time.

    Ahwoo: Yea, Gambling software for Casinos. Scot told me about this guy Chazz he knew at the Market Café that was mixing music on this little machine and he made some incredible songs and arrangements with it. It was then that I wanted to meet you.

  2. Chazz: Ever since, we all shared the love of computers, music, art and friendship. How did you fall-into becoming, and revolutionizing DJing with a computer?

    Ahwoo: Four years ago, while I was working as an internet consultant, I developed many personal relationships with people all over the world. Some of them shared my interest in intelligent dance music such as Psytrance. Later, when file-sharing came along, we began exchanging mp3's and samples. My friendships grew through the file sharing, and eventually I began learning the names of the bands in which I liked. I began contacting these bands either by their websites or by email after hearing their mp3s, and I would request their CD.

  3. Chazz: So it all just happened by chance or should I say mutual interest….friendships.

    Ahwoo: Yes, and my CD and mp3 collection began growing. I have a passion for GOA and Psytrance in particular.

  4. Chazz: As a personal friend, I also enjoyed the music that you were receiving. I had never heard music tracks like that before.

    Ahwoo: That's because the tracks are from all over the world and are mostly not available in the US. The artists were ecstatic that an 'American' took such an interest in their work.
  5. Chazz: So how did the DJ thing come into play from just being a collector of Psytrance music?

    Ahwoo: As my collection began growing, I began thinking of ways in which I could mix some tracks to my personal tastes, to develop my own mixes. I began downloading freeware and shareware software and began trying them out to see if it would fit my needs.

  6. Chazz: I remember that! You tried using two Winamps, and even bought an extra soundcard to try to get it to work.

    Ahwoo: Yea, I tried, but it fell short. Actually, all of the software programs fell short of my needs and what I wanted to accomplish. They were either too restrictive or there was just too much of a learning curve to make a finished product.

  7. Chazz: So what did you do?

    Ahwoo: One day, in my plight to finding such software, I came across a newly released program called Mixmeister. It was still in beta, so I downloaded a trial version which excited me. I thought that this program had great potential.

  8. Chazz: I remember that, again! Didn't you become a beta tester for the company?

    Ahwoo: I immediately contacted the company and complimented them as to where they were going with this, and they offered me to be a beta tester. In turn, they gave me a free copy of the software to use.

  9. Chazz: I remember when you began playing with Mixmeister; you were like a kid looking under the Christmas tree on Christmas day.

    Ahwoo: Hahaha, I became very excited because I could see the light at the end of the tunnel in what I wanted to accomplish. However, the software was very limited at the time. Thus, I began making suggestions to the company about what I wanted. I must mention to your reader's, that it was only with the help of your DJing and mixing knowledge that helped me convey it to them.

  10. Chazz: Thanks! Did the company listen to you?

    Ahwoo: The people at the company were very nice and open to all my suggestions. The emails were going back and forth, and eventually the software began improving. They implemented most of my wishes. They even flew a developer down for a large gig I was doing at PURE for Afterdarkkmedia to see how I worked with the program in a live setting.

  11. Chazz: So we can safely say that you were apart of the growth of Mixmeister from a user point of view.

    Ahwoo: Yes, most definitely! Although I am sure others also either contributed or had similar suggestions, but I believe that I had an important role in its user development and hope to continue to do so!

  12. Chazz: You made me a copy of your first real mix on Mixmeister called blue Xmas. I still have it, and it did have a few rough mixing edges in it, but it sounded great.

    Ahwoo: Yes, that mix was the first mix I played in a club.

  13. Chazz: Tell my reader's about that. How did you eventually begin spinning in a club with Mixmeister and your computer? You actually revolutionized the industry. Tell the folks how that all came about.

    Ahwoo: Well! As I was experimenting with the program using the Psytrance music that I collected from all around the world, people were passing by my warehouse loft and began yelling out to my open window to ask if they could have a copy of my music. They would say that they had never heard songs like that before. I couldn't give them any copies at the time, but instead, I took their telephone numbers or email addresses and told them that I would eventually contact them. I threw a big party at my place with my brother Dan, and we invited everyone we knew including the phone numbers and emails that I had collected. At the party, I spinned my music with the computer and everyone had a blast. There were a few promoters at the party who were flabbergasted with the music and sound, and one of them invited me to spin at the Denver club called Rock Island around Halloween.

  14. Chazz: I came and stood by you on stage during that first performance to be a support. I had fun working the lighting system for you. Your sound and music blew the other DJ's away.

    Ahwoo: Yea, that became a problem. The other DJ's began resenting me. It was then that I first learned about the politics of DJing. The club event was successful, but afterward, a few days later, the DJ's all ganged-up on the owner to stop me from playing at the club in the future. One DJ told me, "It took me years to learn how to spin records. You came along and replaced us with a computer." I thought it was inaccurate and funny, but it started a feud.

  15. Chazz: You asked me for advice about how to handle that. How did it resolve?

    Ahwoo: Actually, I decided to ignore everyone, but the owner of the club appreciated me. He hired me again to spin with my computer at the club a month later.

  16. Chazz: How did that go?

    Ahwoo: It was great again, but, I started catching a lot of bad vibes from some of the same DJ's. But not all the DJ's shared the same attitude. Among the crowd were quite a number of local DJ's out to see what all the fuss was about. They thought my sound and music was awesome and took the time to compliment me as well as the people in the club. No one has ever heard music like this before. You must understand none of this music is available in Denver or the USA.

  17. Chazz: Your music is fresh and alive. Not the same old stuff. The people enjoyed hearing something new. Besides the music, your sound is incredible. Your sound is so crisp. You can hear all the instruments in the music clearly as well as the crisp sound of the driving bass. How is such a sound possible?

    Ahwoo: Well it's my expensive sound cards which are 24bit. There's a lot more headroom for the music to swim around in. However, after my first two gigs spinning, SoundBlaster came out with a fantastic external 24bit sound card, which I bought immediately. Now I can spin with a laptop and my external sound card and that's it!

  18. Chazz: Do you have the songs on your hard drive or do you bring along a few CD's?

    Ahwoo: Both actually. I make short segments of music tracks that I can add in on the fly. I make many of those beforehand. Depending on the mood of the crowd, I can change the mood in a flash. I only bring about two CD's for the night. They contain about 20 albums worth of music.

  19. Chazz: That's wonderful Ahwoo, I'm so proud of the progress you made in revolutionizing computer mixing. You had many write-ups in the press and everyone knows you in the industry here in Denver. You made a lasting impression.

    Ahwoo: Thanks! Actually I owe a lot of it to you for helping me learn about mixing and DJing for the crowd. You explained all the music terminology to me. You stood by me on my first night spinning and worked the lighting system while giving me comfort, positiveness and enthusiasm. Your help is beyond explanation.
  20. Chazz: Thanks Man! You are a good friend and a true talented artist and thanks for sharing your story with my reader's.

  21. Ahwoo: Later!


The name 'ahwoo' is Hong Kong slang for 'monster' (The Bogeyman). Ahwoo plays and produces dark trippy and sexy dance music in the style of psytrance. He currently performs worldwide at national fetish events ( where his efforts have been mentioned in Skin Two Magazine (UK). In addition, ahwoo loves open air events (such as Burning Man). Ahwoo loves to supplement his sets with live performance arts (live instruments, live vocals, skits,etc.) and video.


Too numerous to mention...however, at a minimum, I perform with several X86 machines and 2 LCD projectors. A couple of Midiman O2 8's and a Tascam midi controller. Oh, and girls...there is always lots of unexpected interaction with the crowd.

Chazz Entertainment Credits for DJ Ahwoo Exclusive Live Performance Video at Rock Island, Denver

See the DJ Ahwoo Video Live at Rock Island Here


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